The beauty loves the beast

You are the only one responsible for all joy and struggle, every single moment of your life.

You mean me? You mean it’s not my wife? This morning I was innocent in my pajama’s, not looking for drama – reading the Dalai Lama’s latest book on Karma and miss ‘Midlife crisis’ starts chasing me around the backyard with a knife!

There’s a choice in every moment, between love and fear. What is it in you that brought your loved one to tears, made her act a bit queer and had her pursue a brand new butcher career?

You see fear is tough work. Try hard and you’ll succeed to always be smirk, please the whole world and no one thinks you are a jerk. You go to work and make enough money so more credit cards lurk their way into your wallet after endless flirting with the bank clerk.

But I’m nearly there, happiness is in sight and I’ve been longing for the best! The weekend has come, I’m no longer stuck in my desk chair, headset and mic strapped to my chest. Instead I’m in a cap or a jet, on my way to find a new television set, or become blonde or brunette, smoke electronic cigarettes and for once be part of the jet set.

I  don’t just go out and buy the goods that make me feel great, I choose the ones that support the greater good. I’m far from shallow, spiritual even, my chakra’s are yellow. Robin Hood was a miserable fellow. To steal from the rich he had it totally misunderstood, must have been in a bad mood. The modern day dude buys organic fair trade super food!

Now my guilt free shopping spree has delivered a brand new me waiting for the rest of the world to see. It’s great being free, rich and at ease, being able to do whatever I please until at least Monday morning 7:03. Don’t you all agree?

Judging by your facial expression, a slight hint of dissatisfaction, you are all stuck with one burning and anxious question.

What if there comes a recession?

What if you’re hit with depression?

What if your bank account no longer gets fed through expression of your profession?

You’ve got your umbrella to protect you from rain. Drugs so you don’t need to feel the pain. Plastic surgeons to prevent the shame. Insurance to protect your fortunes, Twitter to support your rise to fame.

Still you complain. You suffer and struggle, you lose and you gain.

It’s a never ending cycle, leaving many people spiteful, frustrated or even suicidal.

The love we feel is so fleeting, it turns into rage at the flick of a switch. Last night you swore you loved her, this morning you called her a witch. Or a bitch, or both, as you forgot which girlfriend is which.

So where do I go, when wherever I ground I find pots of gold but they won’t stick around? Beauty abounds, in the eye of the beholder, who always seem to be hippies with their head in the clouds.

You don’t go anywhere, you sit and you stay. You listen to your breath, the sounds of the world  and your fears of today. Underneath this whirlwind, you may have to pray, is an ocean of calm, though this may sound cliché.

Ask yourself the question, ‘I wonder what my next thought is going to be’, Now kick back and relax, stillness is the key. I might take seconds, or even minutes, but one thing I can guarantee.

Sooner or later your mind will race, voraciously hungry and ruthlessly forcing you on your knees to please it appetite for anxiety and dis-ease. .

How did you let him get away with that? How dare she not call back? What’s my mum going to think of me? How will I what why and where and see? This bloody meditation is for bearded Indians not me.

But not to worry, no damage has been done. The flood gates have opened and the awareness won’t run. In fact you just looked the devil right in the eyes. An angel in disguise, perhaps a bit cheeky like a puppy crossed with a monkey on a never ending high.

Just keep breathing and smile, you’ll come back for more. And next time life throws you lemons, you know the score. There’s no room for complaining anymore, time to stop the inner war. In fact you’ve got three options, the keys to heaven’s door.

  1. Accept it completely, no matter how hard it seems. How can you argue with what is, the present moment will always just be,
  2. Don’t want to accept it, fine, you don’t always have to agree. Go out and try to change it, if you don’t succeed there’s always option number three.
  3. Run! As fast as you can, flee when you need to flee. But don’t forget to let it be, refer to number one, that one remains key.

What a burden of my shoulder, the world is a great place after all. Perhaps a grand illusion in which I’m determined to have a ball. Underneath the mind stuff is a seasoned spectacular feast in which the present is a present and the beauty loves the beast.

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  1. jeremy says:

    Awesome words about the real world


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