3 reasons to eat these vegetables (and it’s not what you think!)

  • Yogurt with Raspberries bxp159847hPre Biotics. Most of us are getting on the PRO biotic bandwagon. Ingesting large amounts (millions, or billions) of good bacteria is an increasingly popular strategy to maintain a healthy gut. Your general feeling of well being (mood), your immune system, concentration levels, your skin, are ALL related to a healthy gut! You may ingest them through natural foods such as yoghurt, kefir or sauerkraut, or in capsule form. By doing so you are building your army of neat soldiers protecting your gut’s well being. Well, so you hope. You may be missing a piece in the pro biotic puzzle! You need to feed the little troopers! Lots of veggies! They love raw, leafy greens, bananas and asparagus any time of the day! This will keep them happy to keep your gut healthy!


  • Broccoli Florets bxp159779hAnti oxidants. An antioxidant is a molecule that inhibits the oxidation of other molecules. Oxidation is a chemical reaction involving the loss of electrons or an increase in oxidation state.  Oxidation can produce free radicals. In other words, anti oxidants keep you safe. Plants too need anti oxidants to stay safe. But did you know this? When plants are being ‘pampered’ by modern farming, snuggled up in green houses away from pests, wind and other threats, they no longer need to produce so many anti oxidants! Therefore, plants grown in full soil, open air, organic and natural are much higher in antioxidants. Even better are wild plants, they top the ranks when it comes to anti oxidants.
  • Genetics. Researchers at Walter and Eliza Hall Institute’s Molecular Immunology division have discovered that a gene, called T-bet, which is essential for producing critical immune cells in your gut, responds to the food you eat—specifically leafy green vegetables. According to the press release:

“The immune cells, named innate lymphoid cells (ILCs), are found in the lining of the digestive system and protect the body from ‘bad’ bacteria in the intestine.

They are also believed to play an important role in controlling food allergies, inflammatory diseases and obesity, and may even prevent the development of bowel cancers.

… [T]he research team revealed T-bet was essential for generating a subset of ILCs which is a newly discovered cell type that protects the body against infections entering through the digestive system.

‘In this study, we discovered that T-bet is the key gene that instructs precursor cells to develop into ILCs, which it does in response to signals in the food we eat and to bacteria in the gut,’ Dr Belz said. ‘ILCs are essential for immune surveillance of the digestive system and this is the first time that we have identified a gene responsible for the production of ILCs.'”

So don’t hold back. Hit the markets and finds big bags of local, organic produce. Get out the knifes, the juicers and the blenders and go and have some fun. We are always happy to inspire you


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  1. This is good to know! We start our days with a green smoothie so I know that will help. Thanks for the advice! http://www.ourfoodieappetite.com/el-arepazo-latin-grill-review-gahanna-oh/


  2. Patricia says:

    Fascinating data. Thanks.


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