A letter from your mother:

So tell me, who really rules the world?

Is it the president, supported by his wise advisors and the odd encouragement from his wife?

Is it the pope, deprived of life’s greatest pleasures, put in charge when nearing the end of his life?

A secret shadow government, tapping your phone, the global banks who enslaved you as you signed that student loan, the CIA, Skull and Bones, secret societies, military drones… Alex Jones? Is he right? Are we ruled by guns, greed and evil, and can we win the fight?

Or might – there be a force, underneath our wrong and right. Much greater, hidden yet present in all life, bright like the sun, bouncing of the moon at night.

Nature says, flow with me, and I will flow through you. I’m your immune system, all knowing and wise, I can read wrong from right and despite your tendencies to indulge and detoxify I will try… my best.. to clean you up before the morning light arrives.

Mother says, I’m moody and seasonal, I replenish myself through cycles of birth and decay. Storms, waves of destruction, pave the way for a new generation to come and play with the gifts of the future grown from the compost of today.

I will hold you and home you, provide anything you need to play and eat and see you though times of need… Indeed you fight me, I see your greed, you take my seed, you meet your own needs and modify my beliefs to your recipes you thief – yet –  I forgive your deeds as you are my child and you learn through seeing that without me…

You will see

Your mother

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