The day the shops closed. A food forager’s journey. Day 2

IMG_20160516_101117755 - Copy
I set myself up for(aging) success by going out with Ibu Renate, a natural born chopper and slasher of all things wild and edible. Together we lived happily ever after.
IMG_20160516_103328052 - Copy
Today is a day of super foods. Some of the most nutritious leaves known to mankind: 1. fern tips 2. Sengot leaf 3. Moringa (tree of life) 4. longetivity spinach 5 gotu kola 6 sweet leaf 7. rosella leaf and flower

But breakfast first. After yesterday’s escapades (scroll down to read all about them) I expected to be ravenous in the morning. But quiet the opposite happened, I wasn’t hungry at all. I went foraging on an empty stomach and when the yearning for breakfast arrived, I simply turned to some very sweet and ripe papaya and a cacao pod which were flirting with me from up in the tree. Eating raw cacao is a far cry from a Cadbury chocolate bar, it’s quiet bitter but coated in a luscious sweet pulp.

IMG_20160516_100438990 - Copy
Pumpkin forms a good ground cover to stop invasive weeds. Except when they are Gotu Kola, because as much as they appear to be weeds, they are also a powerful liver medicine, which grows quiet happily in pumpkin’s cool and shady embrace.

For lunch I decide to keep it light too. I find some gorgeous lemons hanging on a tree, their juice and rind, along with tangy rosella, finely chopped torch ginger, some of yesterdays coconut syrup and a pinch of salt makes a zingy dressing. I squeeze some ripe papaya through it to thicken. Blanched off wing beans give texture, along with strips of young papaya, sprouted mung beans and finally the other 6 super greens which we foraged for earlier. To top it off, some roasted pumpkin and a slug of coconut oil. This has to be one of the best salads I’ve eaten recently.

I’m proud of this super green salad which offers crunch, big flavours and a range of health benefits
IMG_20160516_102836348_HDR - Copy
There were so many wing beans on the bush, luckily we have 20 guests to feed besides myself

Once I’m rolling with medicinal nutrition I’m unstoppable. So I decide to knock up a ‘Jamu Kunyit Asam’ a traditional Indonesian health drink with the 3 ingredients pictured above: tamarind, which was hanging off the tree outside my house, lemon, and turmeric. I simply threw all in a blender with some water, 2 minutes on full speed and strained the mix into a glass with a few ice cubes. Powerful stuff against inflammation and infection which may lurk under the surface and drain you of precious energy.

Since I have so many fruits still lying around, for dinner I’m going to just snack on those. But that should never stop one from making a pie. Even a food foraging man without a bag of flour. Grated coconut, pumpkin, banana and duck eggs from the ricefields along with some finely chopped cinnamon and kaffir lime leaf, in proportions I can’t even remember. You are invited to experiment for yourself. The results were divine! Along with a little fruit salad made from pomelo and mint, a dollop of yesterday’s rosella and rosemary jam, this was quiet a remarkable 3 PM treat:

Pre-dinner sweet treats


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