The day the shops closed: A food forager’s journey, the final day 5

Rules are meant to be broken, especially the rules we set for ourselves. That’s what I tell myself after 4 days of eating off the land and unable to resist the offer of not 1 but 2 restaurants to come over and taste their new menu in exchange for a bit of honest critique. So after 2 days of indulging in fine culinary delights of the Ubud dining scene I’m back in the garden. The drive to strictly forage has somewhat faded away but I make a run through garden and kitchen nonetheless:

My dear friend Sang Tu has a strong of affinity for all plants healthy and medicinal. Needless to say he is beaming with excitement when showing a huge basket full of ripe Acai berries and a stone age, over sized pestle and mortar with which he plans to extract the valuable pulp. A picture speaks a thousand words:

Washing the berries
Not smashing but gently griding to remove the outer pulp


Bananas, cashews, palmhoney, papaya and acai thickened with agar agar
Acai Coconut Breakfast slice
Sang Tu the Acai strainer.

The Acai adventure certainly was the highlight of this day. On the flip side of abundance lies the chef’s struggle to manage an influx of ripe produce.

A generous amount of papaya, soursop and pumpkin was placed on the harvest rack. Good luck to the kitchen!

On our land, papaya and eggplant have a cheeky tendency to all start ripening at the same time. Today was such a day, and this is what papaya and eggplant look like in a pot. stewing away with galangal, ginger, tomato, palm honey, coconut vinegar, lime leaves and cloves to become our fragrant and famous papaya chutney:


Papaya chutney. Soon to be thickened with native candle nut

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