3 step recipe for Evolution Pie

Vibrant Italian Cooking evolved around abundant Mediterranean gardens. Fancy French Cooking fulfilled the needs of demanding aristocratic party hosts. New Earth Cooking evolves today, on an environmentally challenged planet, by a human race whose survival on Earth is under threat. Thousands of years from now one can scratch the earth’s crust and find evidence of the disconnected and destructive civilization that is the human race today. What will these lifeforms make of our smartphone screens, plastic waste and nuclear disasters?

In the endless cycles of birth and death, the only true tragedy is extinction. The death of a bird means food for a worm. The death of a bird species mean the end of a song, never to be heard again.

Extinction is a natural phenomena but when one species drives millions of others to extinction, it’s inevitable the host steps in and takes the necessary steps to ensure its survival.

In our case the host is Mother Earth and it’s become clear that we are responsible for the mass extinction wave sweeping the planet today. When hit with the flu our bodies will shake and heat in order to expel the flu virus. Are earthquakes and global warming Earth’s answer to the great human itch?

It’s easy to be discouraged, anxious or angry when faced with the facts of human life today and by all means feel it, because any emotion is better than sticking your hand in the sand or in another pile of food for that matter, in order to suppress or avoid the tragedy. Plain positive thinking can be used as avoidance tactic too. What to do? These 3 steps may be the magic formula to positive action:

  1. Feel, discover and connect to your natural surroundings. Can you sense a great force we call Nature, and the way you are not separate from it? Can you recognize Earth’s resilience as luscious vines and mosses cover abandoned concrete buildings? Can you feel your own desire to splash around clean and clear rivers and streams? Can you imagine a paradise called earth on which all species thrive alongside and because of each other?
  2. Accept, this is where we are at today. Balancing on an evolutionary tipping point with a chance to jump in every moment. Vote for the kind of planet you want to inhabit with every bite, with every decision, with every word you speak.
  3. Act. Don’t react. When angry, sad or mad you will react. Your actions will be filled with negative emotions and are likely to be counter productive. That does’t mean you can’t feel these things, it just means you are still at step 1. Act when you feel inspired, enthusiastic and aligned with the greater intelligence which wants to thrive on this planet.

New Earth Chefs are on the leading edge of evolution and there’s no recipe other than to observe and translate Earth’s offerings into food that humans can enjoy. Hotel kitchens around the world are based on French standard recipes and although there’s a lot of beauty in some of these techniques, it’s important to remember that these are recipes that once served the aristocracy, today we must serve the needs of our true leader, Mother Earth. How would we eat if we put her first?


Since I asked that question 5 years ago a lot has changed. Great forest gardens have sprung up from which we share buckets of food every day with innumerable other species. Harvest is secondary in these places, the health of our soil and all life forms comes first with abundance of healthy produce being a natural by product. Our kitchen are places of joy and creation in which skills like singing and joking are equally valued to being able to caramelize pumpkin wedges to culinary perfection.

A cuisine fueled by the inherent flawlessness of Nature does not need artificial inputs whether it be fertilizer, fake flavouring or plastic waste bags. The entire cycle from soil to stomach is recognized and stroked with love and courage, trust and abundance, knowing that a system like this, just like a forest, will only get healthier and more delicious over time.

Spicy coconut and pumpkin soup. Plant based, creamy and satisfying.

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  1. peterboydell says:

    Hello 😛 How do I contact you guys about cooking courses and wonderful things like this? 😛


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