Internship training programs: learning by doing.

Look at Nature. There are no teachers and students. In the wild, symbiotic relationships form naturally. Between the bee and the flower. The shade and the moss. By allowing things to unfold naturally, great growth happens. This is the basis for our internship study programs. The art of allowing.

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A typical day at the school starts in silence. Interns embrace their own morning practice such as yoga, meditation, Nature walking, cycling, running or the very sacred horizontal meditation practice known as ‘sleeping in’.

‘You shouldn’t eat chocolate for breakfast’ said no one, ever, at our school

By 9 AM we meet for our herbal tea circle. After some simple meditations and personal sharing we plan the day. Most interns disappear into the food forest with one of our permaculture enthusiasts. Some like to go wild with shovels and machetes, getting muddy and sweaty whilst other prefer to hide in the shade, talking to fairies or reading a book.

Around midday we gather for lunch. We keep it very light and vibrant, lots of raw fresh food, fermented goodness, foraged greens, some soups and salads and delicious fruits. It all depends on what the gardens are offering that day!

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Next we rest for a couple of hours before starting the afternoon program. Think cooking, baking, fermentation, preserving, soap making, planning the future of food in our nursery or even carpentry.

Dinner time, Our chef run kitchen makes sure every day is a feast for your body. Our food forest ingredients are nutrient dense, prepared in a way that allows maximum absorption in your body. You may experience physical and emotional healing when spending prolonged time feasting (and possibly fasting) on the healing food of Earth. Some evenings we hang with (homegrown) hot chocolate, watch documentaries on the big screen, practice crystal bowl meditations or play the ukulele.

kaline food trip_207Interns can stay for anywhere between 3 days and several months. We charge a contribution fee to keep our school running. It does NOT include flights, accommodation or laundry service. We can recommend and arrange local and affordable accommodation as well as reliable transport.   

We welcome interns with a passion for holistic health, whole foods, Nature, healing arts etc. We do not require specific skills as we believe everything can be taught, our most important requirement is a willingness to grow, to be vulnerable, humble and open for change.

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