The 5 P’s Philosophy

Sprouting Jack Beans. Food for the future.

New Earth Cooking will never tell you what to do. It won’t tell you to sell your house and move to the country or to only buy organic vegetables from now on. Instead, it’s your loving friend, and together we are going to face today’s challenges in order to find the solution that works for you! 

These are the pillars, 5 P’s of New Earth Cooking:

  1. Place
  2. Product
  3. Price
  4. People
  5. Planet

Over the last century we’ve given away a lot of our power to big food manufacturers. These guys are quiet happy to keep feeding you nutritionally empty food, wrapped in shiny packages and cooked by robots. It’s time claim back your power. If you are willing to admit that your relationship with food is in a rut, than we will promise to help you spice it up!

The one question EVERY ONE should ask themselves

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