Does it make sense to you to eat food which has been imported from far away places?

  • Example: Quinoa is a crop which has kept native South American people healthy and strong for many generations. Initially just exported as cheap bird food, its health benefits were ‘discovered’ by a bunch of forward thinking ‘health guru’s’.
  • It didn’t take long for the stuff to become wildly popular as many people were convinced of its superior nutrition.
  • Exports to the western world boomed and the quinoa price went up dramatically as a result.

Whilst well meaning, health focused people are enjoying their quinoa salad in their local health food café, some of the native people in true need of their nourishing food can no longer afford it and have their health decrease as a result.

‘Local’ is a key aspect of he future of food! The planet patiently absorbs and transforms the emissions and shares her final drops of oil as big trucks and planes transport these so called ‘superfoods’ around the globe. What are you considering when you believe the food you eat is healthy?

What is the price you pay for your food?


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