Are you taking more than you are giving back to planet earth? 

  • Examples: Can we clear acres of precious rain forest every minute of every day to grow genetically modified soy to feed hungry caged hens on their journey to become chicken nuggets?
  • Is plastic an acceptable default packaging for every single item you purchase, knowing there’s no real sustainable way to dispose of it?
  • Can we safely alter the genes of our crops without understanding how their role fits into the complicated web of life and how these gene altered crops affect our health?
  • Is it possible to be a healthy individual as part of an unhealthy planet?

Remember: Awareness is important, but the focus must remain solution minded. There is so much right with the world too! If there is one thing you could do today, keep dishing out the positive thoughts and the loving smiles and never give up giving!

In every moment there’s a choice. A choice between love and fear. In every moment there’s an opportunity for change. Big corporations, ‘evil’ governments, wars and terrorists, are they the problem, or are they simply symptoms of the problem? Do you want to blame ‘them’ and stick your head in the sand, or do you want to claim back your innate power to know, choose and act?

New Earth Cooking is a support network to go beyond your mind to a place where you know exactly what’s best for you. What you find there is best for the entire planet and all life it sustains.

Are you ready to go on the journey?

Who’s cooking my food?


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