When you choose affordable or cheap food, are you considering the real price you are paying? Are you thinking what you can afford today or what you can afford in life?

  • Example: The food you buy in supermarkets is generally produced on a very large scale. These manufacturers spend a large percentage of their budget on marketing their products through clever advertisement, without it you would probably not even consider their product.
  • Another chunk of the money you spend on their product gets lost in the supply chain which includes middle men, transport etc. Next time you grab a box of cereal or tin of soup consider all the things involved in getting this product to you.
  • Estimate how much money has actually been spent on the ingredients. Refined sugar, cheap oils, a range of artificial flavourings and colourings designed to make an inferior product look appealing.
  • Can food be truly nourishing once it’s been so far removed from its source, put through endless refining processes and transported many miles? Most people are now aware that poor nutrition like this is linked to chronic decease.

If you were to consider the cost of health care to counteract the direct impact of this mass-produced, anonymous ‘food’ you would probably find it not affordable.

Are you ok with that little spray on your food? (to keep the ‘bugs’ away)

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