Radishes bxp159828hAre you willing to eat food that is proven to be less vital, fresh and nutritious than Mother Nature has intended?

Are you willing to accept toxins and pollution in your food that are known to be a burden on your system? 

  • Example: Most modern food products are grown, produced and preserved with the aid of man-made chemicals.
  • Are you willing to ingest a cocktail of pesticides, fungicides, herbicides, preservatives and other substances with unknown health effects daily just by eating food?
  • Do you believe that any government institution could possibly control or deem the impact of all these toxins to be safe? Up until world war 2 all food was ‘organic’.

A proposition: should food that has been produced naturally without added chemicals deserve a special label at all? Would it make more sense to label every vegetable with a list of the residue of the exact chemicals they contain so you can make an informed choice?

Halved and Whole Beets bxp159775hIt all starts with soil! Compare it to your immune system, when it’s balanced, you stay healthy. When the soil is healthy, plants stay well. This is why small organic farms with a great diversity of vegetables don’t need to waste their money on pesticides. When we want to grow hundreds of hectares of the same crop we ignore nature’s need for diversity. We temporarily try to patch up the resulting pests and threats with chemical warfare. It’s a war we can’t win because when we fight nature we fight ourselves.

As our soils degrade and deplete we need to apply greater amounts of fertilizers and pesticides. The chemicals tend to remain on and even inside the crop until they end up in your body. Government regulation states a so-called ‘safe’ amount of residue found in produce, assuming a healthy person will be able to deal with a certain dose of poison.

Modern, well-organized governments have safety barriers for most toxicity issues for that matter, ie a maximum amount of toxicity in the air you breathe, the water you drink, the food you eat, etc. However, no one is able to predict the accumulated sum total of this complicated cocktail of environmental toxins that one ingests on an average day. Moreover, even in strictly regulated and controlled countries we find these so-called safety barriers being crossed more often than not.

Not sure where to start? Here are 3 things you can do today!


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  1. Ashu says:

    Hallo Simon,

    Ik volg jouw avonturen via Facebook.
    Terwijl ik naar je laatste video keek over jou ontmoeting met de planten in de tuin, moest ik aan deze video denken.
    Ik wou het graag met je delen.
    en ook deze heel ontroerende video;
    Hartelijke groet,



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