Join us for a day of food, fun and deep Earth Connection

We are located 1 hour from Canggu and Ubud and 1,5 hours from Sanur and Uluwatu.

We can help you book local homestay accomodation walk distance from the school starting at 150K/night.

A typical day at the school consists of 3 elements.

Connection, we sit together and sip tea, taking time to connect and share in a way that creates a safe atmosphere of connection and inclusivity.

Earth. Walking through our gardens we discover what wants to be prepared and eaten that day.

Cookery. The kitchen is the heart of our school, once we have connected to ourselves, eachother and Earth, it is time to hit the playground kitchen and create the most amazing lunch for ourselves.

We offer 2 types of day experiences at our school:

Rewilding is the ultimate back to Nature day. Think woodfire cooking, foraging, traditional Balinese Nature Offerings and ofcourse a big lunch feast.

Creative Cookery is your chance to come and play in our hands on kitchen lab. The home of some of Bali’s most iconic food creations like Zest Ubud and Dapur Usada. We encourage creativity and thinking outside the box, but you’re also welcome to kick back and watch how we create culinary magic.

For those who want to stay longer, we offer internships allowing you to stay with us for weeks or months.

*2021* Special Discounted Prices. Bring your friends and receive discount!

1-2 people 650K per person

3-5 People 600K per person

6-9 People 550K per person

10-12 People 500K per person

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About Team New earth

We are an empowered and enthusiastic bunch of Balinese and International humans dedicated to sharing our love of Earth, Food and Connection.

Our school is fully Balinese owned and run as we believe the Balinese are custodians and caretakers of this special island. We work together to create regenerative models of living that can be an example for the whole world! Read more

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