Creative cookery. A heart based, plant powered kitchen experience.

Before founding New Earth Cooking School, Simon was the resident chef at the neighboring Bali Silent Retreat for 5 years. Here New Earth Cooking was born, a leading edge style of food aimed at regenerating Earth through deliciousness and connection. Many guests wanted recipes and Simon refused to hand them over. ‘I don’t want you to make coconut cake in Berlin, there are no coconut trees in Germany’ he cried.

To teach this food, we are going need a playground for people to find their way back to their soul connection to Earth, he figured. With this in mind, our school was born. Tuesdays are dedicated to creativity, connection and joy as we turn our kitchen into a party place for us to birth the most delicious lunch in the entire Baliverse. Come play and taste for yourself!

Experience B

Creative Cookery

A heart-based, plant-powered kitchen adventure 

  • Connection exercise to bring you into your heart
  • Barefoot permaculture garden tour to connect you to Nature
  • Coffee/(herbal) Teatime in our gardens
  • Hand on cooking workshop in our creative kitchen lab 
  • Our famous Plant-Powered Lunch Feast 

Creative Cookery Special Menu

  1. Fresh Moringa Soup

Our favourite soup made with fresh moringa leaves and spices

  1. Creamy Pumpkin Gnocchi 

Special Balinese version made with rice flour and taro root  

  1. Wakame Seaweed Salad

With unusual perennial forest vegetables and toasted sesame

  1. Taro Hashbrowns

Crispy and golden, served with a spicy tomato sambal 

  1. Mushroom Satay

Our signature satay with local oyster mushrooms and spices

  1. Sayur Urab

Steamed garden vegetables in an aromatic coconut dressing 

  1. Food Forest Chocolate Cups

Rich cacao mousse with seasonal fruits and edible flowers

  • Our delicious menu is plant-based, gluten-free and without refined sugar. 
  • ON request we can add grilled local fish to your menu (surcharge 50K per person) 
  • The menu is subject to seasonal changes


1-2 people 650K per person

3-5 People 600K per person

6-9 People 550K per person

10-12 People 500K per person

“I’m a serial cooking class participant and I don’t even like cooking. This experience opens my heart like nothing else”

Alex, 32, Colombia

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