A woodfire cooked adventure in our food forest

8 years ago, school founder Simon was offered a piece of land next door to Bali Silent Retreat, the place where he was the chef at the time. After countless efforts of creating an organic vegetable garden here without success, the land made it clear. ‘I want to be a forest’. Well, he replied, and I am hungry… So you’re going to have to be a food forest!

The land and him made a deal and he started planting the first trees. Fruit trees. Years later, throughout which Simon found himself several times bowing down to Nature admitting her greatness, the food forest is thriving. To celebrate her abundance and our connection to the Earth, Saturdays are for rewilding at our school. A day in the food forest, barefoot, rain or shine, celebrating our connection and love of food. Come join!

School Founder Simon


A food forest, wood-fired cooked culinary adventure

  • Prepare traditional offerings using flowers and spices from Nature
  • Forage for ingredients in our forest garden 
  • Experience Balinese prayer on the land
  • Cook a delicious menu with all homegrown ingredients
  • Have fun in Nature with our giant tree swing, treehouse and more! 

Rewilding special menu:

  1. Arez

A delicious soup made with banana trees!

  1. Moringa Stew

Our signature wild creation cooked in a coconut on a woodfire 

  1. Jackfruit Rendang

The secret recipe from our Sumatra kitchen angel

  1. Jungle Curry

Aromatic goodness made with wild spices, herbs and love 

  1. Nasi Kuning

Balinese Heritage rice cooked with coconut milk and spices

  1. Sambal Matah Bongkot

A Balinese classic condiment made with shallots, lemongrass and torch ginger

  1. Local Fruit Platter

The best of the season served on banana leaves

  • Our delicious menu is plant-based, gluten-free and without refined sugar. 
  • ON request we can add grilled local fish to your menu (surcharge 50K per person) 
  • The menu is subject to seasonal changes

Special 2021 Pricing. Bring your friends and receive discounts!

1-2 people 650K per person

3-5 People 600K per person

6-9 People 550K per person

10-12 People 500K per person

‘I didn’t know how rich this island was. Rich in food, connection and Magic. And I am Balinese!’

Kadek, 39

Prefer more kitchen time and less muddy feet? Our Creative Cookery Class Experience is for you!