The New Earth Cooking School

Classes aim to connect you to yourself, your surroundings and the cycles of life. Seriousness is strictly optional

The New Earth Cooking school goes far beyond plain cooking classes. It’s a holistic health center where food preparation is the central focal point. Cooking is the bridge between mankind and the Earth, the lubricant of human connection, and a great reason to come home to after a satisfying day of work and play.

Current general class schedule:

Tuesdays: Creative cookery with Simon. A chance to connect, to yourself, each other, the land and our innermost creativity. A fun and experimental class based around connection, which ends with a delectable feast for us all to share! Rps. 500.000 inc lunch

Wednesdays: Forage to feast. All our classes are heavily inspired by the garden but this one really emphasizes foraged produce and the natural elements like woodfire and smoke. Rps. 500.000 inc lunch

Thursdays: Crazy about coconuts. On Thursdays we celebrate coconuts. Learn how to process coconuts into coconut milk, coconut oil, coconut flour and more! Bake cookies, snacks, herbal teas and enjoy all the goodness that the mighty coconuts offer us. Rps. 500.000 inc lunch

Saturdays: Permaculture Pizza Party. A day of celebrating connection through bare foot garden adventures, Balinese praying, harvesting, tree climbing (for the dare devils only) music, cacao, and we all get to create the famous pizza (bestseller at Zest Ubud) Not to be missed! Rps. 500.000 inc lunch

Sundays: 3 night Immersion. Join us on Sunday night for Simon’s ‘future of food’ lecture, followed by a garden/food forest class on Monday. Next join our Tuesday and Wednesday classes. During your free time we suggest you embrace the natural peaceful energy of our surroundings, meditate, fly the big garden swing, read, write or simply do nothing. Rps. 2.200.000 inc. food and accomodation

We also have short term and long term internships available! To find out more or to book, please email

Jackfruit prepared well, meaty, stringy and delicious

Set in a large re-purposed chicken shed, the center aims to be a place of agricultural empowerment, as we work closely with the land and farming community. The school offers a range of education, from 2 hour short workshops to multiple day courses and even long term internships.

Cacao trees surround the school abundantly

On our multiple acres of tropical gardens we like to inspire you with food forestry, perma culture garden techniques, perennial vegetables, tropical fruits, medicinal herbs and the therapeutic qualities of an eco sustainable garden.

Next: Into the kitchen, Let’s explore wood fire cooking, traditional Indonesian preparations. Local ingredients, modern recipes and techniques. Herbal and medicinal teas. Raw food, fermentation and a wide range of plant based cookery.


Ultimately, this is a soul journey, as we hope to help you uncover your wild side. We believe every human carries an innate ability to connect with themselves and Nature on a deep level.  the aim of the school is to facilitate this natural process. Besides cooking, we embrace meditation, yoga, various form of healing work like energy healing, breath- and body work. We sit in sacred circles regularly sipping sacred cacao, allowing our inner greatness to surface. Most of all, we aim to be lovely and loving. To ourselves, each other and Mother Earth.


Playfulness, curiosity and a yearning to connect deeper with our true selves and the mysterious force that is Nature are important aspects of what we do. The school is a place of great joy and relaxation. It’s set right amidst lush rice paddies, at the foothill the sacred Batu Karu volcano. We are neighboring the iconic Bali Silent Retreat which is the birthplace of New Earth Cooking. Justin, the enthusiastic cooking school manager and his loving Javanese family welcome you with warmth and care.

Ricefields don’t just produce rice. Rich and creamy duck eggs are a natural by product of the rice cycle

Join us! Half day work shops, 24 hour immersives, group dinners, short and long term internships all happen regularly. For this week’s exact schedule, please email

Classes cost 500.000 Rps and include a delicious lunch, tea and snacks

To sign up, put your name on the sheet at Zest Ubud or email

Start learning today. Join our online Facebook group: New Earth Cooking: share, learn, grow.

Kunyit, your guardian during your stay