Hi Chef Simon, I hope this finds you well. YOU danced into my mind a few minutes ago as I ate my yummy breakfast, and I feel compelled to say, “hello,” and reply to a note you posted a while back… For whatever it is worth, I feel you will be tickled to know that at the moment I am immersed in a full-time horticulture and permaculture course at Schumacher College in the idyllic rolling green countryside of Devon. And YOU and your New Earth Cooking way of BEing is one of the reasons I am here as I was deeply touched when I first met you at the Bali Silent Retreat, and then when I witnessed you harvest and cook with my students at the Green School. Sometimes we never know the impact we have on those who cross our paths, and today, on this blustery morning on the other side of the world- in a place that actually reminds me of Bali in many ways- I bow to you in gratitude. Please keep BEing who you are and doing what you’re doing. The world needs YOU right now. Sending loads of love, light, and gratitude your way, Jenny

Kaline Food Trip_234