The Bali Farmers Collective

By New Earth Cooking School

The way of health and harmony is simple. Nourish the soil of our planet and the soul of our people. Make this your priority. All else will fall into place. – Simon Jongenotter

Since 5 decades Bali has suffered from the usage of chemical fertilizers, pesticides and hybrid crops, impacted the landscape, ecology and health of this island dramatically. 

Luckily, some of Bali’s orginal, natural farming is still intact. Bali Famers Collective aims to bring the power back to those who are pledging to put the Earth first. The way we eat can either harm or regenerate the Earth. We are here to help you make better choices! 

We unite Bali’s food heroes. From the original food forest farmers of the Batu Karu region, crafting classic palm sugar from healthy trees, jungle grown taro root, sweet potato, moringa leaves and many more. To the dedicated heritage rice farmers who choose healthy rice over heavy yields. To the innovative chefs, willing to celebrate these classic ingredients in modern ways. 

Balinese owned and run, the collective is headed by Chef Made. Encouraged by her mentor Simon (Zest Ubud/ Dapur Usada) she and her team are dedicated to our thriving in harmony with all life on Mother Earth. 

By connecting farmers to restaurants and customers, we cut out greedy middlemen and increase transparency and freshness. We know our farmers, and support their wellness by sustaining and encouraging organic and permaculture practices, financial support and education. 

You can join the movement by purchasing our products. We don’t just want to bring you food. We want to empower you through your food choices! So don’t just buy from us. Learn with us. Together we can do it. 

At your service,

Team New Earth Cooking School

Made, Angga, Iwan, Leni, Rina and Nita

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