Our modern food production system is systematically destroying the very Earth it belongs to. Humanity is slowly awakening to this fact, whilst the cracks in the system are urging us to make radical changes. The P for Planet questions, what are you waiting for?


The question ‘What are you waiting for?’ is not a dismissive, guilt invoking question. Rather, it is a gentle but urgent inquiry to question what is stopping you. 

Do you feel scared, overwhelmed or powerless in your ability to live a life more supportive of your fellow humans and our planet? 

Some people think they don’t care enough, or that their impact is not going to matter. Personally, as I’m writing these words, I don’t believe there is a single human being out there that at heart doesn’t care. There are plenty of us removed from our feelings, disconnected from our environment and distracted by life’s drama. This doesn’t mean that one doesn’t care. It simply means that things haven’t become urgent enough yet to force one to change. Are you going to wait until you are forced to change, kicking and screaming? Or will you use your subtle, background anxiety about life as a pointer to impending change? 

Nature, which has been the life force on Earth since the dawn of time, has highly intelligent rebalancing systems built into its structure. No civilisations have ever stood up against it for long, let alone been able to control it. For this simple reason: civilization is merely a clearing in the forest. It takes wisdom and humility to recognize this, yet it is the key to success and expansion.

Take action

Practically, this leaves us as consumers with some things to ponder. For example. Even if I am able to buy the cheap chicken, can I really afford it? Knowing what I know after applying the previous 4 ‘P’s’, which choices will I make and how do they affect the Planet? 

Will life on Earth with an abundance of fish in the ocean, clean rivers and healthy forest to bathe in be mere bedtime stories for our children? Or will this be a reality?  Will we live to tell the tales of how we nearly destroyed the things we loved, but collectively decided to turn the tide? 

Cliché as it sounds, the choice really starts within. You are free to make your own choices but you are not free from the consequences of those choices.

Reach out and contribute to our movement now.