A hidden place dedicated to the rhythms of Nature, nutrient dense and delicious food preparation, radiant health and holistic living. 

DSC_0317We are an Earth School in rural Bali, 1,5 hours north-west of most major tourist destinations, at the base of Batu Karu mountain. 

Guarded by sacred cacao trees, jackfruit, durian, passionfruit, soursop and many more exciting species of food and medicine. Food forest, rice paddies and the melody of traditional Balinese life are our drive to wake up and thrive. The New Earth School is a place where we experiment with both ancient and revolutionary ways of growing and preparing food in harmony with all living beings.


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What do we do?

Our 3 pillars of activity are growing, cooking and healing. Although strictly speaking, cooking is our only true activity, as growing naturally happens when we nourish our soil and plant seeds. Healing naturally happens when we are brave enough to face and embrace the very things that block us from being the powerful creators that humans naturally are. So what’s left to do but nourishing our souls with scrumptious harvest abundance? Come learn with us through a One Day Class or an Internship.  For those with little time and big dreams, we are working hard behind the scenes to develop a Training Intensive

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Our kitchen is dedicated to celebrating the bounty of Mother Nature. It’s a playground, a dream station, a place to charge your soul, cook your heart out and dance to the beat of your own drum. Somewhere between the head and the heart, between arts and crafts is a magic gesture available to all chefs and cooks alike. Once found, this is the secret spice for satisfying food for the rest of your life.

Who is it for?

We welcome students for as little as a day and as long as several months to immerse themselves in the rhythm of the school. Rather than forcing a strict curriculum and tight schedules, we embrace the natural, highly efficient and deeply transformational ways of the Earth when it comes to learning. Practically this means that every day all we need to do is show up. We connect, we set the intention for growth and healing and tune into infinite wisdom through simple practices like mindfulness meditation. From there on we flow into muddy garden adventures, kitchen creativity, intense activity or deep delicious laziness. The only rules: radical honesty and a willingness to trust the heart.

We want to support your inner and outer growth through 1-day classesInternships and upcoming training intensives.

Why do we need an Earth School?

DSC_0769‘Ever since my days as the resident chef at Bali Silent Retreat, and more recently with the success of Zest Ubud, people have requested to learn a style of food I coined ‘New Earth Cooking’.

The message from Mother Earth was clear: plant as many trees as you can and create a space for people to connect, play and learn by doing. The rest will fall into place. There are no secret seasonings in my recipes, the key is the heart that gives rise to these dishes as an extension of Nature. 

Yes, our talented team will teach cooking and gardening techniques, recipes and culinary skills. But first and foremost, we are here to hold space for your own inner greatness to unfold. We feel the Earth is longing for your talents. That’s how much we believe in you.


Creator of New Earth School, executive chef Zest Ubud, Dedicated Earth Custodian.

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