Empowering people through food. 

A food philosophy by Simon Jongenotter, Chef/co-creator of Zest Ubud, the food at Bali Silent Retreat, food forest custodian and founder of the New Earth Cooking School. Ultimately, New Earth Cooking is a quest for a way of eating, living and being as an evolved human species who can not just survive but thrive on this planet for many centuries to come. The key? A deep and harmonious relationship with Mother Earth and all of her mighty expressions of life, humans included.

How would we eat if Earth gave us another chance?

Today, industrial agriculture supplies the majority of our food. Ironically, it’s as productive as it is destructive.

As systems crumble, increasing numbers of brave individuals step up to create an entire new way of relating to the planet, each other and the food that we share.

Simon and his best buddy Daniel share management responsibilities at NEC cooking school

Chef Simon Jongenotter communicates his philosophy to you through food, lectures, videos , garden adventures and more. He lives in a small village in rural Bali where he gave birth to a holistic health center disguised at ‘The New Earth Cooking School’. He’s custodian to 2 hectares of lush tropical forest gardens that besides providing food and shelter have become his greatest teacher. He’s the creative force behind many restaurant concepts, his greatest pride being Zest Ubud, the plant powered restaurant he co owns and creates.

New Earth Cooking is a food philosophy aiming to assist the evolution of the human race. Since evolution happens from within, the answers to your questions must be found within too.

So I dare you. To not follow but take your own lead. To stand brave in front of your fears and listen to that soul whisper within that’s inviting you to rise up the become the best version of yourself.

The time is now.


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  1. Desiree says:

    Simon’s food is the best. It was so delicious that I thought it must be full of fat and sugar but it isn’t. Healthy and delicious, it doesn’t get much better!

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