Empowerment through Food

Heart centred learning by deepening our connection with Nature. 

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We are an Earth School in rural Bali, dedicated to innovative ways of growing and preparing food in harmony with Earth. We call this ‘New Earth Cooking’. 

We offer twice weekly. hands-on cooking class experiences with perennial produce from the food forest gardens surrounding our school.

Interns stay up to several weeks or months with us, deepening their connection with themselves, others, Earth and the abundance of food she provides.

New Earth School is founded by Earth Custodian Simon, the creative mind behind some of Bali’s most iconic plant-based food concepts such as Zest UbudDapur Usada and formally Bali Silent Retreat and Mother.

To learn what New Earth Cooking means and how it can support you, browse the 5 P’s of the New Earth Food Philosophy.

What we offer

Day Classes

A day long experience is the best way of getting to know us. Leave the burdens of the busy world behind and come spend the day connecting to yourself, others and Earth. Our rewilding and creative cookery classes are unique, heart based experiences on the Earth. All classes include our famous plant powered lunch feast to nourish every cell in your body with deliciousness from our forest gardens.


Interns spend weeks or even months participating in our daily rhythms. Prolonged periods of deep connection to self, others and Earth can be truly life changing. Our structure is designed to keep you connected and true to yourself without interfering with your innate needs for growth.

What our students say

There’s no place on Earth like New Earth. Thank you Made, Iwan, Rina, Leni, Tarzan, Simon and everyone else for welcoming me like family. You gave me what I needed, not what I thought I wanted. After a month at the school I now know exactly why I came into the world. My next challenge is to go out there and make it happen. I may need your help along the way.

― Angelina, former NEC intern

I spend my whole life trying to cook delicious food using written recipes. Thanks to Simon I now understand I was missing the one vital ingredient, my very own heart. I never believed that I had all the inspiration inside of me. I can’t wait to take my new found skills back to Turkey and apply it using local ingredients. I love you all team New Earth!

― Mustafa, former NEC student

Why on earth?

We believe the old schooling system no longer serves us.

It seems that humanity is in dire need of learning vital survival skills.

These include: heart based communication, self sufficiency and harmony with Earth.

We are dedicated to learning and sharing these with you.