New Earth Cooking

Empowerment through deepening our relationship with food

New Earth Cooking is the term coined by Simon Jongenotter to describe a food philosophy encouraging more intelligent ways of food production and preparation to support the thriving of humanity on planet Earth. 

New Earth Living is a regenerative model of food production and preparation practiced by us in our school and restaurants.

New Earth Cooking was born during a 5-year period at a Silent Retreat centre in Bali, Indonesia where he spent his time experimenting with cooking and growing food in unique ways. 

New Earth Cooking is not a doctrine or a guide book, instead, it encourages humans to ask critical questions based on the 5 pillars of the NEC philosophy. These pillars, also referred to as the 5 P’s, are:

Whether one sources their day to day food from a supermarket, restaurants or their very own gardens, exploring these 5 pillars will empower the individual or community to make better food choices in favour of humanity and life on Earth. 

Ready dive in? Start by exploring the P for Place.

New Earth Cooking Defined


The need for renewal, regeneration and expansion as the old way no longer functions and has become destructive. New Earth Cooking is fueled by the evolution happening on the planet right now.


Our home. The physical plane to which we belong. The physical mass hosting the complex web of interdependent life forms evolving together as one.



The uniquely human capacity to use heat, pressure, fermentation and other techniques to alter the taste, flavour and biological structure of ingredients with the aim of making them more palatable, digestible and/or preservable. 

Instead of telling you what to do. New Earth Cooking challenges you to look within.

Our roots are firmly established

New Earth Cooking is ready to thrive


Thriving restaurants and expanding


New Earth School and expanding


Hectares of demonstration food forest in Bali


seeds planted in the hearts of former students and guests at our school and restaurants.

How to join the movement

There has never been a better time to step into your purpose. As old world structures are crumbling, and our sense of security is questioned. Now, is the time to come home to the Earth. Here’s what you can do next

Rating: 5 out of 5.

This way of eating changed my life

My time eating and sleeping at New Earth School gave me the much needed break to realize my life’s purpose.


Rating: 5 out of 5.

Earth is the lover I’ve been looking for

I spent most my time at the school roaming the forest gardens and now I realize how much I missed being on the Earth


Rating: 4 out of 5.

“I’m a flexitarian from now on. I’m sold’

I’m a meat eater and that will never change. My friends can’t believe I ate plant based food at Zest every day during my time in Bali.


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