The KEY to PERFECT health

Confession: I have no idea if apple cider vinegar cures cancer. I’ve successfully removed a wart with it. I can confirm it tastes great if mixed with olive oil and crushed garlic, poured over steamed and crushed new potatoes, finished with fresh mint and sea salt flakes.. But I don’t know if it will save your life.

Apple cider vinegar or ACV as serial users call it. . I recommend you always choose the raw, unfiltered version, with this beautiful probiotic gunk, referred to as ‘the Mother’ floating in it..

I know even less. I don’t know if you should be vegan. Or carnivore. If you should exercise daily. Or weekly. If male ejaculation is healthy. Or if running makes your skin look old. I am learning a lot about these and more by experimenting, observing and drawing my own conclusions. I’ve discovered some of my own truths about what works for me. But absolute truths about health? Don’t ask.  

But let me tell you about Nature. And since Nature is present at birth and death and everything in between. Since nature is that driving force flowing through all living things. Surely she can help us understand health.

Nothing is separate. Everything exists as part of an ecosystem. You could try to find yourself through spending 5 years at a silent retreat, or you could carefully look at a mouldy sandwich just before the ants carry it away. (I did both).  I learned a lot about health, myself and the world by observing abandoned food items in tropical environments. I recommend you try it too.

Ants are helpful, smart AND strong. (5000 X their own body weight without a single moan)  In the end, zillions of their decaying little bodies add valuable nutrients to the soil out of which the future of life thrives. 

Back to that sandwich, born from wheat, which grew from soil. A complex web of life, a thick layer of stardust mixed with the genes of everything that ever happened before today. I think our soil deserves better than to be called ‘dirt’.

After harvest, the kernels or wheat berries were ground into fine powder to which h20 (4.5 billion-year-old water) and ancient NAcI (salt) were added. Microbes helped wheat grow and next, they will help us making bread. The very wild yeast species that were present on wheatgrass, the baker’s hands and mixing bowl are conspiring in a divine culinary dance to raise the dough and make this bread fluffy and digestible. 

Wild yeasts love feeding on bread. So do the microbes in your body, who cleverly communicate their desires into your brain chemistry giving you a sudden craving for sandwiches. Those microbes also lived in your mother (and her mother) and likely colonised your body the moment you moved through her birth canal. Her breast milk contained the perfect nutrients designed to nourish your newly enquired army also referred to as your ‘microbiome’. At that very moment of birth, you made a deal with life. You scratch my back and I will scratch yours.  

Microbes, minerals, animals and plants ‘welcomed’ the human race on Earth. The deal: we will walk each other home.

You never need to feel lonely. You have more living beings inside of your body than there are stars in the galaxy. 90% of the cells in your body are not even yours. They belong to creatures to who YOU are the entire universe and as long as they get to feast and play and thrive in your hair, on your skin, in your stomach and under your nails they will do anything to keep you happy in return. Imagine how supported you are? 1400 species of microbes in your bellybutton alone!

Yes, my friend, you are the garden of Eden. You are the cosmos. You are an ecosystem hosting life. You were brought into existence and you will be eaten by little creatures who ran the show epochs before anyone had ever heard of homo sapiens. What can we learn from this? To be healthy means to befriend all life.  

Sterile places don’t exist outside laboratories. And that is a good thing.

What is your desire for health really good for unless you desire health for ALL living beings? Why fight the corn slashing grasshoppers with chemical warfare if they came here to fix your soil? Why kill the headache whilst it is trying to tell you something? To be healthy is for all life to thrive. Modern medicine is spending most of its efforts fighting symptoms, the voice of life itself

Want to see something really healthy? Go sit in an undisturbed forest. No doctors. No painkillers. No fertilizers. No sunscreen. No health insurance. No ambulance. Just a divine interplay of birth and death as the universe expresses itself through various forms. Life couldn’t be without those 2 and perfect health is to stop making such a big deal out of them. Celebrate both. Or at least accept both. But to have $10.000 baby showers whilst not daring to speak about your father’s funeral is a perfect way of denying life itself.

How about, ‘perfect’ health starts with accepting life’s seeming imperfections? Instead of aiming for optimum physical health we can start embracing the perfection of the present moment. In those moments, of awareness and deep connection with all life, she might just whisper a personalized health secret or 2 into our bacteria riddled ears. Sssshhhh, she urges, this is true, but only for you.  

Trees can teach us about respect, boundaries and sharing space


Understand THIS to understand food

Friends. Don’t get lost in the world of food. To really make changes to your diet, soil to stomach so to speak. it’s important to grasp the following points: 

  • There are at least 30.000 varieties of edible plants available to humans
  • Most plants on earth, over 90 percent, are perennial, which means they exist for more than 1 year.
  • In modern agriculture, we focus on merely a handful of edible or useful plants which are grown for human and animal consumption as well as biofuel. Nearly all of these are annual plants. 
Various classified types of plants and trees we find in Nature
  • Modern agriculture relies on external inputs. One needs to extract from the earth, (oil, minerals etc) in one location to produce in another location. This crude oil driven bubble of abundance is entirely unsustainable and destined to burst. 
  • Nature, whether it’s expressed as a rain forest, ocean or swamp etc, is self-sustaining, regenerative and ever-expanding. It thrives, without the need for inputs from elsewhere. The fuel behind nature is the ecosystem itself.
It might seem that one person is working this giant field of wheat but in reality, there are countless people involved, producing the machinery, chemicals, tools and seeds that are involved in large scale agriculture. Evidence suggests that small farms are more productive than large scale operations, 70% of the world is still fed from small farms. 
  • Agricultural fields need constant attention from humans in order to exist. Crops fail if there is too much or too little water, extreme wind, sun etc. 
  • Nature always steers towards self-protection, in a forest, for example, all species work together through symbiotic relationships to protect and support each other. That’s why natural disasters, such as earthquakes, typically are only disastrous to man-made structures such as buildings and vehicles


These banana trees are held up by a bamboo stick to stop them from getting blown over by the wind. In a forest, they are protected from wind by bigger trees. 
  • There are many ways to produce food. The plantation model, the mono-crop type of food cultivation common today, is relatively new. Humans have grown food in more complex and intelligent ways as we have clear evidence of various forms of forest farming in ancient cultures around the world. Whilst the plantation model gives rise to many forms of forced labour, class structures and control, forest farming facilitates a platform for community strength and collaboration. 
  • Traditionally in Bali, rice farming wasn’t as dominant and common as we have seen in recent decades. The roots, shoots and fruits that we may find in a forest garden were a lot more common in the Balinese diet, with taro root (colocasia esculenta) a more common staple food than rice (oryza sativa) up until the 1970’s. 
  • With current pressing issues such as climate change and environmental degradation, it’s more important than ever to embrace the food production methods which support all life, our precious bodies included. 
Balinese rice paddies surrounded by useful trees such as coconut.

What a time to be alive!

Get onboard the New Earth Ship

What a time to be alive!

Get your wellies out, in 2019 we are going to be knee deep in tears of joy and chocolate mud.

What a time to be alive!

Solstice & Xmas, celebrating the sun of God and the son of God simultaneously, Indonesian Mother’s day, coinciding with the arrival of no one less than my very own Mother here in Bali.

On TOP of that, the whole of Bali is preparing for that super sweet and special day in their 210 day calendar cycle, Galungan. It is really their version of Xmas.

So as Western Expats and Balinese wannabees alike are raising Xmas trees around Bali, (the tree at Zest is made from straw) every Balinese person is simultaneously raising their version of a Xmas tree: the Penjor (whilst western wannabees like myself are watching in awe).

The Penjor is a magical giant bamboo pole shrouded in occult symbolic grandeur, and offerings to honour the Gods and their home of the sacred East Bali volcano Mount Agung. It’s a time that the ancestral spirits are coming home for a period of 10 days to spend time with their families feasting and forgiving, laughing and loving. I guess this giant bamboo post is a good way for the Ancestors to recognize their family home.

All of this magic is playing out over the next few days. Are you still breathing because I barely  am!

I hope your next few days are filled with warm fuzzy feelings, hugs, connection and cream pies. (Whether that cream is made from coconut, cashews or the finest Jersey clotted cream, I won’t judge you for your dietary choices, ever!)

I hope you will take time to bask in joy, relaxation and a knowing that you’ve done amazing. Far beyond anything you realize. You’ve touched many hearts, changed people lives with your very glance and made people’s day with the profound things you said. They all love you, your parents, the Universe, Jesus, Buddha, and especially that jolly chubby man with the white beard. Ho Ho Ho.

With that knowing of your worthiness let there be no need for boundary stating, angry complaint letter writing or make up sex in the new year. (Try tantric sex instead!)

In other words, Carpe Scrotum, grab life by the balls. Be humble, but don’t be shy. Be kind, but most of all be real. Trust your body’s reaction to every person, place or situation and stay in your truth. The only way to give your power away is by fearing them or believing you need them.

(Light worker’s hack: next time you interact with someone, keep some of your attention with your navel, and don’t let anyone drain you through your cosmic umbilical cord)

Got it?

Align with your only source of power which is within, allow your love of all (including yourself) to flow.

Show up, act and speak from that knowing of perfection and notice how you will become a magnet.. on steroids.

There won’t be a need to protest, state your boundaries, resist or judge as you are simply too busy voting for all the good things you believe in with every word you say and every thought you think. Halo and all! You go, you angel-winged maddafakka!

I’m leaving a turbulent, creative and crazy explosive 2018. We gave birth to Zest Ubud (which is successful beyond anything we imagined) The New Earth Cooking school became a reality (even though I still think I’m dreaming).

I shared my love of food around Asia, Australia and Africa and I can confirm a mass awakening is happening across the globe.

Get your wellies out, in 2019 we are going to be knee deep in tears of joy and chocolate mud.

Sure there have been raging storms, earth quakes, lighting strikes, bursting hearts, bandaids, sore thumbs and tough love but most of all, and I will sum all the good stuff up in one way, I’m experiencing a glimpse of the Paradise this Earth will be.

I hope you are brave enough to get onboard the New Earth Ship because this Titanic ain’t waiting or sinking! We’re waiting to hear from YOU at

With love,

Simon and Team