April 2020. Many of us realize, the world will never be the same. Now is a more powerful time than ever to create the world you want to live in.

Ask yourself, if all my wishes came true, would it change THE world or just MY world?

For those who want to step up and create heaven on Earth, here are 10 powerful habits to get started.

Yoga, which includes meditation, means union
  1. Take time to meditate. This doesn’t mean you’ll have to sit like a monk on a mountain (but by all means go for it). This is a matter of taking active steps to quiet the thinking mind and connect to your inner wisdom, in a way that works for you. It may include long walks in nature, wildly dancing, singing or lying flat on the kitchen floor. There are many ways to suit many minds. For beginners I recommend guided meditations. Jon Kabat Zinn is a mindfulness meditation teacher that has guided work available online. Remember that guidance is just a signpost, ultimately you want to find a way to be able to quiet your mind by yourself. Fear and trauma are often blocking our natural inner peace, in the next step we explore how to embrace and heal it. 

2. Embrace fear. These times bring about fear and anxiety around security and stability for many. Instead of panicking, and making decisions out of fear, why not use the fear to heal old wounds? The reason many people fear is old traumas around security and health are being activated by the current situation. This in itself opens up a powerful portal for healing. There are potent modalities to help you deal with fear. Besides meditation, explore ‘holotropic breathwork’ as a tool to heal trauma and find increased inner strength. 

3. Find purpose by becoming of service. In our old system, we were trained to work for money, status or societies expectations. As a result, increasing numbers of people experience burn out, mental/physical issues and a lack of fulfilment,. Now that so many of these structures are crumbling, there’s a great opportunity to give yourself permission to do the things that you are passionate about. It is natural for fears around money and future scenarios to arise, that is why we address these in steps 1 and 2. It is vital to build a foundation of trust and connection to greater intelligence before embarking on the path of greater purpose. Star today by actively asking the question, what does life want to birth through me? Use your emotional response as guidance and trust that those things that truly excite you are of service on Earth today. 

Service is not one way traffic, but a symbiotic relationship with all life forms

4. Take steps towards self-sufficiency. This is a big call, and many are overwhelmed by the idea. Remember that every journey starts with a single step. You don’t have to grow all your own food today but you can plant 1 seed in 1 pot. You don’t have to change your whole life around, but you can make small changes in your current situation today.

5. Find a willingness to forgive and let go of the past. Many of us hold grudges things that happened in the past. To hold a grudge is like drinking poison and expecting your enemy to die. Now, more than ever, it is vital to accept the past, no matter how painful. To let go and forgive has nothing to do with letting anyone get away with anything. It’s an act of kindness to yourself, to acknowledge that you will not ruin your present moment with painful memories from the past. Forgiveness can’t be forced so make sure to be gentle and kind to yourself in the process. Trust that by being curious about any grudges inside of you, and with a willingness to heal and forgive, the actual forgiveness will come naturally at the right time. 

6. Create space for the new. Become clear on what you want to dedicate your energy towards. There’s is no space for false politeness and pleasing the wrong master on the New Earth. If you don’t feel inspired to put your energy towards something or someone, but you are doing it anyway for false reasons like fear of scarcity, fear to be disliked or to please others, you are clogging up your space. In order to welcome the new, it is vital to be brave and let go of the old. This includes possessions, commitment and relationships that don’t support the greatest version of ourselves.  

Healthy, colourful food supports a happy life

7. Be flexible. This New Earth IS being born, but not on your terms. This is not the time to stare blindly at things that are seemingly going wrong. After all, imagine you wouldn’t understand childbirth, and you’d walk into a maternity ward witnessing a woman give birth, you might believe something is going terribly wrong. Trust, the messy bloodiness of this time and become the all-knowing cosmic midwife to support. Be brave, but vulnerable. Be positive, but be open to receive help. Stay focussed on the big picture, and don’t be distracted by fear-based media panic. Know that when calm, focussed and kind, you will be able to make healthy decisions in every moment. 

8. Maintain a strong immune system. Yet to be fully understood by science, the immune system is a reflection of your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health. These aspects of your health are inseparable. Fact, when in fear, your bodies cells contract, and your immune system lowers, channeling energy towards a ‘fight or flight’ response. Many are now in a constant state of fear only caused by an imaginary threat! Tackle your immune health by taking full responsibility for your health. In step 9 we explore ways to improve your physical health through diet and exercise today, and in final step 10, we address holistic health, that includes all aspects. 

9. Cultivate a sustainable, healthy diet and exercise routine. The key? ‘Blissipline’, not discipline. ‘Blissipline’ means having healthy habits out of a love for the self, doing things that you know make you feel good. Whilst discipline can sometimes result in self-hatred and burn out. Instead of listening to dietary advice from another source, become self-aware. Take careful notes of the way your body feels after consuming certain foods at certain times. Observe your digestion, your skin, your breath, your eyes, become intimate with yourself. Experiment with periods of fasting, a great way to start is intermittent fasting. Remember that the stomach and digestion take a lot of energy to process food, so don’t eat too heavy before sleeping, meditating or doing creative work. Start preparing your own food. But only when you feel inspired and excited. Work with ingredients you feel drawn to that are easily and locally available. Similarly, seek out an exercise routine you enjoy. Feeling social? Team up with a friend. Remember that exercise puts stress on the body, and that the strength you gain is through the recovery process. Build up slowly, and give yourself plenty of time to recover. 

There’s space for all life to thrive in abundance

10. Cultivate holistic health. Ultimately, your health is a reflection of your thriving on this Earth. Any disease is an opportunity to grow and learn a better way of thriving. Self-love, gentleness and surrender to the inevitability of the present moment are key. All of the previous steps may contribute to finding greater health, fulfilment, joy and purpose in the only narrow part of life that is real, the present moment. Moreover, people on the New Earth will become more intimate and accepting of the opposite of birth, death. Rather than this terrifying event, which no one likes to talk about, death will be recognized as a beautiful part of the eternal cycle of life. Just like in the forest, where the death and decomposition of leaves, plants, bugs and trees are the very fuel for new growth. Death will be celebrated on the New Earth. A closer relationship with endings urges us to celebrate life now and encourage us to make our dreams come true before it’s too late.

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